Ogre 3D Programming

Ogre 3D

Ogre is used different by certain applications and this puts stress on different parts of the subsystem. Because of this, profiling is extremely important when trying to determine the areas to target in Ogre 3D.

SIMD programming code has a tendency of being complex because SIMD instructions can be used to perform operations on four integer items simultaneously. Instead of writing the code yourself, you consider utilizing the Intel C++ Compiler. This toll will vectorize blocks of code and cover all the case of unaligned memory and an uneven number of iterations. However, it is important to note that, this compiler is not able to align the memory properly during allocation; therefore it is best to do this step annually.

When threading Ogre 3d, you will no longer be able to make API calls directly if you place the render on its own thread. Therefore, all commands must be issue through a synchronized access queue from the main code to the graphics API. When performing this step, it is important to note that the graphic resources that the render system is using should not be deleted until after the end of the frame.